“Winter’s Bone” Poll Results

14 07 2010

The readers have spoken, and it is as close to definitively as you can get with 6 voters.

About a month ago, I wrote about the indie hit “Winter’s Bone,” which amassed some nice prizes at Sundance Film Festival.  Since then, it has made some nice money -$2.5 million from 106 theaters.

As my poll question, I asked what awards path the movie would tread by using two similar movies – the enormously successful “Precious” and the modestly successful “Frozen River.”  And then I also left the option of no success.

Half the voters saw “Winter’s Bone” being more like “Frozen River,” which had a quiet release in the summer and a pretty quiet campaign.  All of a sudden, it exploded onto the Oscar scene with Best Actress and Original Screenplay nominations.  Those are two categories where this movie could easily score.

A third of the voters can foresee it being like “Precious,” getting heavy momentum going into the awards season and then keeping it, cashing in and receiving a Best Picture nomination.

And then there was the one cynic who thinks “Winter’s Bone” isn’t headed for anything great.



One response

15 07 2010
Aiden R.

God, I really hope it goes the way of Precious, but unless Oprah start backing this one, I think it’s unfortunately going the way of Frozen River. Great movie though, huh? Ree and Teardrop better get nominated at the very least.

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