Random Factoid #356

19 07 2010

I thought that perhaps Christopher Nolan had performed inception on me and that I might start having dreams about the movie.  Surprisingly, it hasn’t happened.  Mal hasn’t jumped out to kill me … yet.

But I have started to feel like I’ve been hallucinating – or in a dream – a little bit more often than usual.  Almost as soon as I left the theater, I feel like a pedestrian came out of nowhere and walked in front of my car.  A projection?  Doubtful.

And then there was the other day when I was reading my book out in the sunshine.  A cloud had covered up the sun for a little while, but then I felt those rays hitting me with their fiery Houston intensity.  I looked up and saw the cloud – moving in the opposite direction as if it had just done a 180.  A paradox?  Perhaps.

No one try to shoot me to wake me up or anything.  Now I know all these weird moments from here on out I will blame on “Inception.”



3 responses

20 07 2010

I looked at my clock, and it was 12 in the afternoon. I looked back a second later, and it was 3 in the afternoon. Turns out, I feel asleep.


21 07 2010

I have had odd, memorable, dreams ever since I saw the movie. However its probably just my subconscious, considering during parts of my first viewing of “Inception,” I kept thinking “I wish my dreams were this cool….”

21 07 2010

Hold on Neo, make sure to take the red pill and come back to us!

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