Origins: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

20 07 2010

Today’s entry in “The Origins Project” comes courtesy of Dan the Man – or as his comments say, CMrok93 – of “Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews.” Gotta love the few 17-year-old movie bloggers out there, and Dan is doing it big over at his site. I really enjoy reading what other people my age can write, and I most certainly love reading Dan’s reviews. Want to know what gets other teens started? Read on, my friends.

What movie began your love affair with cinema?

The one movie that began my love affair with cinema would have to be “Saving Private Ryan.” The film had me so mesmerized by how great and beautiful cinema could actually be.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging around the summer of last year. I had a terrible first site, I was part of Freewebs and it just didn’t work out, and since October of last year, I have been here, writing day in, and day out.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging cause I wanted show people my love for films and most of all for writing. I had opinions on movies that I really wanted to get out there, and the best ways to let it out there, is by writing.

What has kept you going?

The one thing that has kept me going is the support I get from the viewers. If it weren’t for the fellow reviewers and viewers who constantly comment, and give me pointers on how to get better, my job would have been done a long long time ago.

Has there been a particular person (or people) that has helped you along the way?

Many people have helped me out, but the main person has to be Aiden R., from Cut the Crap Movie Reviews. He was the main person who influenced me to get into movie reviewing, and when he gave me tips on how to get better as a reviewer, and even better blogger, it was just perfect. It’s even weirder how he knows my sister, but hey it’s a small world after all.

What’s the best part of being a blogger? The worst?

The worst part is probably the time it takes up. Usually when you watch movies some of them are incredibly long, and can almost take up half of your day. However, the best part is actually getting to see your material finished, and see the people who respond back to it. Also, getting linked by other bloggers is cool, because you actually feel like someone took their time to read your certain piece of material, and put it out there for everyone to see.

Has blogging increased or diminished your passion for movies?

Increased a buttload. I have never looked at films the way I do now. I know so much more about the detail, effort, and production that is put into film, and I have came to respect almost every film for what it is.

What’s your proudest moment as a blogger?

My proudest moment so far, has probably been getting accepted into LAMB. I was a blogger for over a year, and asked if I could join like 3 times, until I finally got in. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it that I was now part of the big group. I know it all sounds dumb to some, but for me, as much as I tried, it was basically someone saying “here’s the credit for all your hard work, welcome”. I’m still waiting for that Lammy though.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow their passion? To someone starting a blog of their own?

Always write your exact feelings on a movie. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings if you hate a movie that everybody else likes, or a movie you like that everybody else hates. Keep on writing all the time, cause you’ll keep your material fresh. And most importantly, stay true to yourself. And never let other people tell you what to write or how to write it. Your heart and your soul is the one thing that should always go into your work.



6 responses

20 07 2010

Hey, I’m a teen. Damn, I’m younger than you two.

Lovely site, Dan (if you’re indeed reading comments), but I’ve always wondered where your banner image is from.

20 07 2010

City of God!!!!
Go watch it NOW!

21 07 2010

Good stuff! I feel you about how much time it takes up. Somehow it seems like writing a review can take longer than watching the movie in the first place!

21 07 2010
21 07 2010
Aiden R.

Oh, Dan. You get all the credit, you padawan. Glad I could be of help in any way.

Totally agree about the amount of time blogging and watching movies takes up. Stresses me out more often than not, but it’s still awesome.

Keep up the great work, kid.

31 07 2010

This is great, thanks a lot for making a part of this. Always here to help fellow other teens. Lol

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