Origins: Cinema Obsessed

27 07 2010

Today’s entry in “The Origins Project” comes from two spunky bloggers, Chantale and Angie of “Cinema Obsessed.” After doing an episode of the LAMBcast with them – which was cut criminally short due to technical difficulties – and I was instantly won over by their unbelievable wit.  Their site is beautifully diverse, covering just about anything and everything.  They go further than podcasting; they have YouTube videos!  How awesome is that?!

What movie began your love affair with cinema?
It started at such a young age that we can’t even remember! Our Dad is really the one that started picking out gems and showing them to us to see what we thought. That’s how we ended up seeing movies that most 5 and 7 year olds don’t get to see. That’s really how we were introduced to films from other generations, and how we developed our appreciation for every type of film.

When did you start blogging?
One of us had a blog about nothingness really, then we kind of decided that since we already had the know-how, that we would create a blog about our true passion. So was born in June 2009.

Why did you start blogging?
To channel the obsession and to find other people like ourselves. It was a way to talk about the thing we loved, and it’s always fun to find other people who agree… hell, even people who disagree are fun!

What has kept you going?
The support of other bloggers and movie buffs like us!

Has there been a particular person (or people) that has helped you along the way?
Our friends and family were really supportive from the start, but it has really helped that we have each other. We always have a second brain to pick, to pitch ideas to, and to bounce ideas around with. Blogging together has been a great sibling activity!

What’s the best part of being a blogger? The worst?
The best part has been finding people who feel the same way we do about movies. So far there hasn’t been a worst part, as everything’s been positive! Ok If we have to pick a “worst part” it’s staying up way too late at night working on posts and obsessing over our content.

Has blogging increased or diminished your passion for movies?
Increased, by far! Our tastes have expanded and we appreciate the little things so much more.

What’s your proudest moment as a blogger?
It’s a tie between being named a Blog of Note by Blogger, and securing our gig with Hot 89.9 fm, a local radio station that comissioned us to create video movie reviews for their website.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow their passion? To someone starting a blog of their own?
Blog about something you love, and you’ll never run out of things to say!



2 responses

28 07 2010

Spunky? We love it! THANKS MARSHALL! 🙂

30 07 2010
Aiden R.

So envious of you guys. Got any advice for someone who’s been dying to make YouTube reviews like you two but keeps putting it off because he thinks he doesn’t have the resources?

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