Random Factoid #364

27 07 2010

Remember when I talked about the changes in pre-show entertainment in yesterday’s factoid?  Funny enough, I found the perfect one tonight.

A friend and I went to a free early screening of “Step Up 3,” which was easily one of the nicest screenings I’ve ever attended.  To get in, we just had to find our name on the RSVP list.  There was no line to enter the theater, and although we did get wanded, they let us take in our cell phones and everything (something they can be annoyingly strict about).  Best of all, the crowd was sparse, and being there an hour early got us our choice of good seats – as compared to being turned away getting there at the same time for other screenings.

The most fun, though, was the entertainment they provided for us.  They brought in trained breakdancers, not unlike the ones in the movie, to do their routines.  It was a blast, and the very animated audience got into it.  Then, they brought down people and taught them how to do a simplified version of the routine.  Some people had rhythm, and some people were … well, white.

So, theaters, don’t waste your time playing ad after ad.  Give us breakdancers.



2 responses

28 07 2010

That sounds… awesome! Lucky you!

29 07 2010

I’m so jealous. I have such an unhealthy love of the Step Up movies… it makes no sense.

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