Random Factoid #387

19 08 2010

How much would you have paid to watch "How To Train Your Dragon" at home in May?

How comfortable is your home viewing environment?  Would you rather watch a new release there than at the theater?  Cinematical reported on a new development that has been rumored for quite some time now: major studios are going to test pilot a program that would allow you to watch new releases just 30 days after they are released in theaters.  For $50.

That’s a pretty steep cost, but then again, think of all the people that can watch the movie on your TV.  At night, that pays for about 4 people nowadays.  Most living rooms seat five or six; people lucky enough to have theater rooms can fit well over a dozen.  So there’s a certain point where the cost is worth it.

It’s a system that I see working only with families and young teenagers, who are the only demographics that constantly watch movies in groups.  For a family of five, it’s easier to plop down on the couch and watch a movie and pay less than the tickets, the parking, and the concessions at the theater.  Not to mention, it’s probably cheaper.

But many moviegoers like myself are pretty solitary folk, usually sticking to groups of four or less.  For the amount of money it would take my normal group to sit down at my house and watch a movie, we might as well go and have the theater experience.  I really see the system as being beneficial for those of us who just can’t find the time to make it to a certain movie.  However, $50 is a steep penalty for not making it on time.

In recent years, there have been more and more developments undercutting the old-time value of going to the movie theater.  Check out this statistic from Cinematical:

In 1997, the average gap was 172 days, or almost six months. In 2009, the window had shrunk to 131 days, with Fox pushing its DVDs into stores an average of just 119 days after they first hit theaters. A movie opening on March 1 needs to be on DVD by the end of July, or else people will forget that they liked it.

There are so many ways to watch movies now, be it on your laptop or phone, your video game console or iPod.  The act of going to the theater is become less necessary thanks to the availability of movies everywhere.  This just seems like the next logical step.  I will always go to theater, not necessarily for every movie, but with frequency.  Even when I’m the old geezer who insists on doing it the old-fashioned way.



One response

21 08 2010

Theres a certain “magic” in going to the movies that can’t exactly be replicated at home. Even with steep ticket prices which has resulted in being more picky with what I see in theaters, I still throughly enjoy the experience. Also, its nice to get out of the house.

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