Random Factoid #391

23 08 2010

Sometimes when I need blogging inspiration, it’s best just to go to fellow amateur bloggers rather than the professionals.  Now that it’s officially the dog days of summer, there’s not much to write about for the mainstream that can captivate.  But we, as true film connoisseurs, can entertain our little niche audience with just about anything our little minds can dream.

Enter Heather of “Movie Mobsters” and Kai of “The List” to do just that when all I could find on my usual sources of inspiration, Cinematical and The Los Angeles Times, were stuck talking about “The Switch.”  They gave a list of 10 movie props they wished they owned.  What a great idea!  I think I’ll chime in with the movie prop I most want to own.

Their lists were both heavy on nostalgia, so I think I’ll lean back on that old friend as well.  Shamefully, I don’t think I’ve mentioned how in love I was with “Space Jam” as a five-year-old.  It’s an iconic movie of my childhood, one that I still enjoy watching today.  Basketball, the Looney Tunes, Michael Jordan, the ’90s – what’s not to love?

In the movie, the Looney Tunes challenge the pint-sized Monsters to a game of basketball, assuming that a game of height would ensure their defeat.  But the Monsters get smart and steal all the talent from NBA players, putting into one basketball that endows them with all the skills of a pro.  The Monsters then get very large like all basketball players are and proceed to dominate (that is, until the Looney Tunes whip out the tricks).

I want that basketball.  I’m not even a huge player of basketball, although I was once.  But to just be able to touch a ball and receive all the strength, agility, and coordination of an NBA star would be pretty sweet.



One response

24 08 2010

Glad you liked the post, Marsh! I gotta say, I have no love for this film so it’s lost on me but to each his own… as a Disney fanatic, I am anti-Looney Tunes!
Though the old Bugs Bunny cartoons did rock!!!

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