Random Factoid #392

24 08 2010

Do you ever wish you were really creative?  I mean, like really creative.  Well, I do, and I think other blogging peers have the same wish.

Anyways, that desire serves as my segue into this Moviefone post of movies that would have been ruined by Facebook.  It’s funny because I was just thinking about how having certain technologies would affect events in the past – for example, being able to FaceTime on your iPhone 4 in 1944.

The only majorly spoiler-proof image they created was based on “The Empire Strikes Back;” that is, spoiler-proof in the sense that we all know the ending.

Does anyone else just look at other blog posts and just think, “Why didn’t I come up with that!?”  Or am I just some envious pig, all alone in my quest for innovation?



One response

25 08 2010

Everybody wishes they thought of something first. I wish I thought of The Illiad first, for example.

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