REVIEW: She’s Out of My League

31 08 2010

“She’s Out of My League” makes an entire movie out of the question we asked all during 2007’s “Knocked Up” – wait, how can that attractive woman be with this disgusting slob?  No chance they would be together had he not gotten her pregnant, we thought to ourselves.

It could have been a movie about inner beauty, about falling in love with someone’s personality rather than their appearance.  Yet it’s exactly because Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is a little lacking in the looks department that Molly (Alice Eve) decides to give him a chance.  Tired of the narcissism of guys as good-looking as she is, she drops her standards a little bit in the hopes of finding a decent guy.  The fact that someone as beautiful as her could fall for an average joe like Kirk shocks his immature friends at work, a circle of four that serves as a poor man’s version of Seth Rogen’s stoner pals in “Knocked Up.”

This isn’t a movie from the so-called “Apatow Factory,” and it shows in several key missing components.  Aside from Kirk and Molly’s relationship, we don’t really buy any of the other characters or their relation – Molly’s foul-mouthed best friend, Kirk’s strange family and ex-girlfirend situation, or any of his work friends.  They are an incredibly improbable bunch – a confident self-obsessor, a loser who claims to have all the answers, and a married dork.  And maybe I’d have an easier time getting to like them had the actors not been substitutes for the people who could actually play them right.  In an ideal world, Jason Segel would be the self-obsessor, Jonah Hill would be the loser, and oddly enough, Baruchel would probably be playing the dork.

But thankfully, Eve and Baruchel work as the 2010 make of the Katherine Heigl-Seth Rogen pairing.  Eve manages to be a lot more likable and down-to-earth than Heigl (which apparently isn’t too hard), and Baruchel has a very dorky charm about him that proves to be quite winning.  Yet this appeal and chemistry can’t atone for the dearth of laughs in the movie.  Frankly, it just isn’t funny, something that I blame mostly on the uninspired script.  Baruchel tries his best to breathe some life into it, but nothing really works.

It’s a shame that this movie wasn’t better for Jay Baruchel, who really has a likable, average-joe charm about him.  He really deserves a breakout role to make him a marquee name, but he’s more recognizable for a movie where he didn’t show his face, “How to Train Your Dragon,” than he is for anything else.  It will come one of these days, but for now, we wait.  C+ /



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31 08 2010

I reviewed this film and I thought it has some good insight, and was relatively funny. The only problem it is just randomly vulgar, and raunchy for no reason other than to force out some laughs. Also, way too much of a poor man’s Knocked Up.

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