Random Factoid #399

31 08 2010

I’m a huge Lost fan (and this whole movie blogging gig has kept me from watching the final season … grr), but I would never be THIS obsessed.  According to Entertainment Weekly, a theater in Britain will be showing all 80 hours of the show in one sitting!  I can’t even imagine sitting in a theater for more than 3 days.

Although some people are willing to take their love to the extreme, everyone shows it in some way.  Face it, we all have our obsessive moments when it comes to pop culture.  Don’t try to hide it.

My ultimate feat is watching an entire season of “24” in one day, virtually uninterrupted.  But when it comes to movies, my binges are less impressive.  I have always wanted to do the Best Picture Showcase at AMC, but it always interferes with rehearsal (this year, however, the ceremonies are a week earlier, so it might just work).

I can’t think of any inspired movie marathon that I’ve done, unfortunately.  I wanted to do a “Lord of the Rings” marathon over the summer, but the time just never presented itself.  Maybe when life settles down some this spring…



One response

2 09 2010

Long television marathons are much easier to do than movies. Went through the first 3 or 4 seasons of BSG in a little over a week despite working two jobs full-time that week. And then I went through a season of Weeds every day till I caught up to season 4.

And there aren’t any AMCs here (might possibly be on in Omaha, but I hate driving up there), so the Best Pic thing is kinda out of the question. Well, that, and I’ll be in Iraq.

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