Making it FBO*

21 09 2010

* FBO stands for “Facebook official,” a nice tidbit for those not entirely up-to-date on Internet slang.

I created my Facebook fan page back on my first anniversary about two months ago, but I haven’t really been using it for much.  It’s been a nice gesture to “like” my site on the social network, but I haven’t done much to make it worth the few milliseconds it took of your life to click “like.”

That changes TODAY.  I am introducing my first Facebook-exclusive feature, the Throwback Tuesday (a phrase borrowed from some blogger who should step up and claim credit for it).  On Tuesdays, I will repost my reviews of movies being released on DVD that day, provided that I have in fact seen something being released that day.

I’ll probably introduce more features to be Facebook only, but for now, I’m sticking with this.  So if you aren’t a fan of me on Facebook yet, you should do so now.  I’ll even provide a convenient link in the picture below.

And while I’m still on the topic of social networking, I have added integration to Facebook at the bottom of each post.  So if  you really feel compelled by something you read here, feel free to click the icon and share it with your friends!  Simple enough, right?



One response

24 09 2010
Stuart O'Quin

Yeah, I’ve found that my little Facebook crowd are more likely to visit when they get regular updates. I don’t do much as far as exclusive material aside from a few interesting pictures that I throw up occasionally. I like what you do here and now it’s “Facebook official.”

Below is a URL for my FBfanpage. Feel free to return the favor with a “like” and you should definitely check out my blog regardless if you haven’t gotten a chance.

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