Shameless Advertisement #19 – October 2010

1 10 2010

Well, this is my bad.  There was only one vote on the October poll because I put it up a little delinquently, so I really can’t complain with the results.  I don’t think it will surprise anyone that the winner is “The Social Network.”  With a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes on Metacritic, this is the real deal.  Here’s some of what I said back in my Oscar Moment in August:

The buzz started with the release of some tantalizing teaser trailers and an intriguingly mysterious poster.  When we saw the full trailer playing before “Inception,” it was a wowing experience (that would still pale in comparison to the two and a half hours afterwards).  The trailer’s opening minute is very unique as it has nothing to do with the movie at all.  Rather, we watch people interacting on Facebook, a reminder of how much it has enhanced our connections to our friends.  Then we pixelate to Mark Zuckerberg, and the history begins.

From just the trailer alone, “The Social Network” looked like a movie for our time, more clearly zeitgeist-tapping than any movie in recent memory.  It takes a dramatic look the founding of Facebook, one of the defining inventions of our time, but also seems to tackle the subject of how the social networking site has affected the way humans communicate with each other.

I won’t post the poll itself because it will take up too much room for just one vote.

As for what you can expect from “Marshall and the Movies” this month, I don’t really have any big plans.  I’m hoping to get work on the much-delayed podcast going at the end of the month, perhaps with a launch around Thanksgiving.

Oscar Moments are now bi-weekly. I usually post them on Tuesdays, but now, they will also run each Friday.  Much of the rest of 2010’s offerings will be discussed this month, including “Love and Other Drugs,” “Made in Dagenham,” and “Rabbit Hole.”  A new set of predictions should be up soon as well.

A Classics Corner post to tie into “The Social Network.” If you’ve been reading reviews, surely you know what I’m referring to.  Post should be up in the next week.

Halloween of horror! I’m not sure how I’ll bring Halloween into the blog, but expect some of it in the back half of the month, either through examining more current movies in the “F.I.L.M. of the Week” column or by seeing some classics and reporting my experience in the “Classics Corner” column.

This month is pretty loosely structured, but I think it should provide good reading and good fun nonetheless!  Enjoy your month at the movies!



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