“Never Let Me Go” Poll Results

4 10 2010

Oh, how time can change things.

A month ago, “Never Let Me Go” looked like the perfect awards candidate.  I even went down a bulleted list of all the things it had in its favor in my Oscar Moment.  To summarize …

  1. Based on a best-selling novel
  2. British
  3. Oscar-friendly British actors
  4. “Love, loss, hidden truths”

You all bought it just like me.  The vote was 80% in favor of the movie’s Oscar chances and 20% against it.  But with a mid-60s average on Rotten Tomatoes, pretty middling box office numbers, and no critical champions, this looks like a lost cause.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought the book…



3 responses

6 10 2010

I turned the Facebook, 15 Directors thing into a blogging meme, and I tagged you! Take part. It’ll be fun!

7 10 2010

Awesome! Sorry to be so slow on the response…

7 10 2010

I get the feeling even with bad box office numbers it’ll do fine at the Oscars. Whether it deserves to or not is another question.

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