Random Factoid #467

7 11 2010

Eek.  I hope this doesn’t mean I’m some freak of nature with my memory.

On her blog “Monkey See” for NPR, Linda Holmes wrote a post about pop culture misconceptions that we all have.  Her reawakening to the idea has an interesting genesis, which I’ll quote below:

“… it somehow came up that The Flash and Flash Gordon are not the same person. By which I mean, “it came up that I was not aware that The Flash and Flash Gordon are not the same person.” (I think I sang the Queen song when The Flash was mentioned.)

I have no idea how I’ve lived as long as I have while laboring under this particular misconception, but let me tell you: Monkey See comics guru Glen Weldon, as you can imagine, was filled with … I don’t even know if it was contempt. He later claimed it was just pity, and that was supposed to be good news. ‘So,’ I said to him, ‘you’re telling me that there is both Flash and The Flash.'”

I hate to say it, but I really haven’t had many of these for the movies.  Just look at Random Factoid #184 and understand how I’m “that person” who knows every movie, every actor, and every release date.  The day a movie comes out is how I calculate time; movies are my relative measure.

I’d say the closest I ever came to a misconception was back in 2009 confusing “A Serious Man” and “A Single Man” all the time because you can’t be Oscar contenders and have the same initials.



One response

9 11 2010

Hey…another nice ‘moment’, though with a chuckle I find myself imagining how if at all one would find the differences of, or lack of similarities of, The Flash and Flash Godron a life pondering moment – or even those kinds of “I remember exactly what I was doing leading up to Thanksgiving of 99 when Flawless came out and I just couldn’t wait to see Philip Seymour H. in drag — but I suppose that is the proverbial grease of this crazy world of moviedom.


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