Random Factoid #468

8 11 2010

When the highly esteemed actress Jessica Alba, whom the Oscars lavish with nominations and wins every year, opens her mouth with theories on acting, the world should listen.  She knows what she’s talking about.

In a cover shoot for Elle, she spewed this enlightened remark on acting:

“Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.”

Talk about one of the dumbest things to say; this ranks only slightly below Jenna Maroney’s “I hate the troops!” outburst on “30 Rock.”  Yet now there is no mystery why Alba has been nominated for four Razzies (the counterpart to the Oscars) for SEVEN movies!  She does it all herself, and so does everyone else in her movies!

The screenwriter knows better than the dumb actor, who looks at a script and goes “BS, BS, my line, BS, my line, BS, my line, BS, end.”  They know what the movie should be, and they entrust their words to these actors who they hope will do it justice.  Looking at Alba’s resumé on IMDb, I couldn’t help but wonder what those terrible movies would look like if the actors had stuck to the script.

But I only take this from a blogger’s imagination.  Here’s John August, an actual screenwriter on Alba’s dumb quip:

“I have to believe she was misquoted, or excerpted in some unflattering way … Oh, Jessica. Where to start? … Following your logic, you’ve never been in a movie with both good actors and amazing writing. That may be true, but it might hurt the feelings of David Wain, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. … Screenwriters can be your best friends. We are pushovers for attractive people who pay attention to us. I wrote that bathtub scene in ‘Big Fish’ because Jessica Lange made brief eye contact with me. So if you’re not getting great writing — and honestly, you’re not — ask to have lunch with the screenwriter. I’ve seen you on interviews. You’re charming. That charm could work wonders.”

I acknowledge that some great scenes have come from improvisation in some of my favorite movies, like Paul Sorvino slapping Ray Liotta in “GoodFellas” and Kevin Spacey chunking the asparagus in “American Beauty.”  But those are to enhance the script, not replace it.  So until Alba comes out and says she was horribly misquoted, she should be written off entirely.



One response

9 11 2010

No wonder Jessica Alba is racking up all those acting awards since she began acting!!! She truly has the insider scoop on how to act ahah

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