“Nowhere Boy” Poll Results

10 11 2010

In Houston, “Nowhere Boy” came and went in two weeks, and I missed my small window to see it.  I wasn’t dying to catch it, but it would have been nice.  Whatever, it will make a nice rental.

The path it took in Houston – in and out – echoes how it was received in general stateside.  The British movie, nominated at last year’s BAFTAs, has had pretty lackluster returns after a promising start in 4 theaters.  Per theater averages have been pretty pathetic, and it’s clear that Americans just didn’t want to see this movie.

But even if “Nowhere Boy” just barely breaks $1 million in box office revenue, it doesn’t entirely disqualify it from Academy Awards contention.  Last year, Woody Harrelson was nominated for “The Messenger,” which made less than “Nowhere Boy.”  Before we knew of the movie’s middling reception, I asked if we were looking at an Oscar contender or a Globes contender.

In a very high voter turnout, 5 people said it wouldn’t make it farther than the Golden Globes and 4 said it would make it all the way to the Oscars.  For now, I have to side with the 55% majority.  Unless this picks up buzz from critics groups in a month, I think this fish is dead in the water.



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