Random Factoid #470

10 11 2010

My life is complete for two reasons today.  First, I just found out that the Houston Cinematic Arts Festival will be giving me the chance to see “BLACK SWAN” on Sunday, nearly a month before the general viewing public!  Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped!!!

But on a different level, one that you will probably appreciate and enjoy much more, a childhood fantasy may be coming true.  About a week away from the release of the first installment of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the invisibility cloak that a very young Harry Potter sports way back in the first film may become a reality.

Here’s the story according to Cinematical:

“AOL News reports that researchers at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews have come up with a fabric called ‘Metaflex,’ which is a step towards ‘smart fabrics’ that can ‘manipulate light waves to make objects, like clothing, invisible.’ At first, their studies only produced light-bending atoms on hard surfaces, but after continued research, they were able to develop the flexible Metaflex membrane, which should lead to smarter, wearable fabrics.”

I remember hearing about invisibility cloak technology being created a few years ago with cameras used to capture what was going on around the wearer.  But this is totally legitimate, and I can’t wait to put on my invisibility cloak and feel like Harry roaming through the halls of Hogwarts.  These scientists and researchers need to make one that dementors can’t see through, though.

However, this will mean that the powers of many a hero will become irrelevant.  Sorry, Violet Parr from “The Incredibles.”



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