Random Factoid #497

7 12 2010

Happy “Inception” day, everyone!

Now you can go to Best Buy (although I wouldn’t recommend it since this is December), Target, or your local gas station and pick up a copy of Christopher Nolan’s smart summer blockbuster!  I’m excited – although I won’t get a chance to watch it for a while, probably at least until I’m done with finals.  Bleh.

Anyways, I report to you with monumental news.  Huge.  Groundbreaking.  I bought a Blu-Ray disc. What I didn’t buy, though, was a Blu-Ray player, so I can’t watch it.

The movie that changed it all for me was, of course, “Inception.”  Since Warner Bros. isn’t being as kind as to offer a Digital Copy on the DVD, I was forced to shell out $24.99 to buy the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack.  Part of my Black Friday shopping, I’m still waiting for it to arrive … it’s like waiting for a train.  Brutal.

And thanks to Amazon’s price-saver guarantee, I managed to save $7 from my original purchase since the price dropped to a cool $17.99 for the movie’s video release.  You gotta love when you keep saving on Black Friday purchases two weeks later!

For those who really love “Inception,” this video is a must-watch:

(P.S. – Like how I posted this artistic minimalist poster instead of one of the three hundred Warner Bros. released?  I think it’s pretty darned cool.)



2 responses

9 12 2010

Really, really cool vid. I can’t wait to pick this up! I loved in the movies, I’m going to love it right at home.

10 12 2010

I’m waiting for mine in the mail as well. Weak.

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