Random Factoid #497

7 12 2010

Happy “Inception” day, everyone!

Now you can go to Best Buy (although I wouldn’t recommend it since this is December), Target, or your local gas station and pick up a copy of Christopher Nolan’s smart summer blockbuster!  I’m excited – although I won’t get a chance to watch it for a while, probably at least until I’m done with finals.  Bleh.

Anyways, I report to you with monumental news.  Huge.  Groundbreaking.  I bought a Blu-Ray disc. What I didn’t buy, though, was a Blu-Ray player, so I can’t watch it.

The movie that changed it all for me was, of course, “Inception.”  Since Warner Bros. isn’t being as kind as to offer a Digital Copy on the DVD, I was forced to shell out $24.99 to buy the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack.  Part of my Black Friday shopping, I’m still waiting for it to arrive … it’s like waiting for a train.  Brutal.

And thanks to Amazon’s price-saver guarantee, I managed to save $7 from my original purchase since the price dropped to a cool $17.99 for the movie’s video release.  You gotta love when you keep saving on Black Friday purchases two weeks later!

For those who really love “Inception,” this video is a must-watch:

(P.S. – Like how I posted this artistic minimalist poster instead of one of the three hundred Warner Bros. released?  I think it’s pretty darned cool.)

Random Factoid #420

21 09 2010

Is this the end for DVDs?  I know I’ve been predicting their demise for quite some time now, but 2010 seems a little soon.  It’s been a hot topic in factoids recently, appearing in #404, #414, and #416.

Listen to this disturbing report from Best Buy via Cinematical:

Even as the popularity of digital media continues to rise and the Blockbusters of the world struggle to hang on, the demise of the DVD always seemed to be in the distant future. Well, it looks like the format may pass away sooner rather than later because a major DVD retailer is opting to axe the amount of space allocated to DVDs this holiday season. According to Daily Finance, Best Buy is shifting things around to make more room for video games and consumer electronics, namely netbooks and tablet PCs.

Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn explained, “We’ll have another store reset before the holidays, which will include an increase in the space for higher-growth and, in the aggregate, higher-margin categories, like Best Buy Mobile, e-readers and gaming, with a heavy emphasis on new gaming platforms and pre-owned game titles.” He added, “This will be enabled by our reorganization of the DVD and CD sections.”

All I can say is that I’m not ready to go entirely digital for movies yet.  Transferring doesn’t work as easily, and there’s nothing simpler than bringing a disc over to someone’s house and plopping it in a player.  So has Best Buy jumped the gun on mourning DVDs?  Or is this the beginning of the end?

Random Factoid #248

2 04 2010

Call me a geezer, but I’m developing a sort of technology resistance.

Specifically, to Blu-Ray players.  I don’t own a Blu-Ray player and I don’t ever intend to.

I don’t think they are any higher quality of movies.  In fact, I think watching a movie on a Blu-Ray player makes a movie seem a lower quality.  The characters all seem like paper dolls, and everything seems so unrealistic.

Am I the only one that hasn’t drunk the Blu-Ray Kool-Aid?  Or does anyone else feel like Blu-Ray is kind of a sham?

P.S. – I’m not a factoid repeater.  This is different from Random Factoid #69.

Random Factoid #69

5 10 2009

I don’t like watching movies on Blu-Ray. I think that the character seem awfully one-dimensional. When they move, I think they look like paper dolls. But then again, maybe I watched the wrong movie on the display at Sam’s Club. If my memory serves me, it was “Hairspray.”