Random Factoid #498

8 12 2010

Back in Random Factoid #257, I wrote that “I have a nasty habit of letting my iTunes rentals sit for almost all of their 30 day rental periods.  Then, I scramble to watch them before they expire – which is not a fun way to watch a movie.”

The whole 24-hour watching period is a pain in the butt and always feels like significantly less than the day that it is.  Subtract sleep from the equation and you are looking at about 16-17 actual viewing hours.  Then no one actually has nothing to do for 16 hours, and it’s really hard to find 2 hours of those to sit down and watch without having to worry.

So when I opened my AT&T U-Verse UGuide this week and saw that they were offering a 3-day rental for “Toy Story 3,” I couldn’t help but wonder why all streaming/online rentals can’t have a longer watching period?  Sometimes it’s hard to start a movie and then finish it within 24 hours – life happens.  I can count multiple times that I haven’t finished a movie I started watching on iTunes; so many instances, in fact, that I generally don’t let myself watch an iTunes rental past 8:30 P.M.

My modest proposal (tastier than a baby) would be this: at least a 2 day watching period for rented movies. I can live with 36 hours, too.



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