10 for ’10: Worst Movies

26 12 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here.

How do you know when it’s been a bad year for the movies?  Answer: when you have to narrow down a field of the year’s worst.  There were WAY too many candidates for this 2010’s worst of the year; I had to whittle down from a list of 20 to get an ultimate 10.  You’ll notice that “I Am Love” is absent from this list despite me giving it a flat F, and that’s because I saw it way back in 2009.

So enjoy – or cringe – this list of movies so bad, they don’t even get a snide remark under the picture.  They just get linked back to my review from earlier in the year when I totally trashed them.  Take the time to look at the reviews if you need convincing – I think I write my best stuff when I’m mad as #&*$ writing a bad review.

(NOTE: These are the worst movies that I saw this year.  There are probably much worse out there that I simply refuse to subject myself to watching.)

Grown Ups

The Last Airbender

Alice in Wonderland

Clash of the Titans


Dinner for Schmucks


The Bounty Hunter

The Wolfman




6 responses

27 12 2010

I’d have put Grown-Ups at #1 I truly did not like one second at that movie at all.

27 12 2010

It’s funny, but I think most of us write our best reviews when we hated the film. Nothing like loathing to get the creative juices flowing I guess!

I agree with all your picks (that I saw, which thankfully wasn’t that many) except for Splice. I read your review, and I liked what you said about how you didn’t mind that it pushed the boundaires, but you wish it’d done it better. I agree with you on that point, but I still gave the movie credit for having the guts to go there. I also thought the dance sequence was one of the best film sequences of the entire year…so many hidden implications in that scene. SOOO creepy

27 12 2010

Have you seen “Black Swan” yet? It’s another major boundary pusher, but it has reason behind each one it pushes. Seeing it definitely makes you realize how much “Splice” botched it.

27 12 2010

I haven’t seen “The Bounty Hunter” or “MacGruber,” but I don’t ever plan to.

Personally, I kind of liked “Grown Ups” and “The Wolfman,” and I LOVED “Splice” (easily among the more underrated films this year).

I disliked each of the others, but none of them made my list, which looks like this:

10. “Furry Vengeance”
9. “The Book of Eli”
8. “Cop Out”
7. “Skyline”
6. “Our Family Wedding”
5. “My Soul to Take”
4. “Life as We Know It”
3. “Yogi Bear”
2. “Valentine’s Day”
1. “Vampires Suck”

27 12 2010

Of that list, I only saw “Valentine’s Day” (which I didn’t hate), “The Book of Eli” (which was half-good, half-terrible), and “Cop Out” (which was pretty miserable). Glad to know I don’t need to check out the others.

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