Random Factoid #517

27 12 2010

In Random Factoid #464, I talked about an article that quoted James Cameron as saying that we are 8-10 years away from glasses-free 3D.  Today, I bring good news that we could be even closer.

Apple has reportedly patented glasses-free 3D technology that “will actually only produce ‘pseudo-holographic’ images, but according to the company’s newly granted patent for the technology, those images will be ‘virtually indistinguishable from viewing a true hologram.'”  So, in other words, it’s a new dimension in computers that will make the iPod and iPad’s cultural impact look like absolutely nothing.

The obvious first impact will come from Apple’s programs, like maps, weather, and all the stuff you can’t delete from your iPhone.  Then, the app developers will go wild with it.  Soon enough, filmmakers will rush to make the first holographic movie, a race that will probably be filled with James Cameron wannabes.

So, did we just hear the first shot of a revolution?  Or is this just another cool Apple innovation?



One response

28 12 2010

Holographic films may be too much for the time being I’m enjoying 3-D.

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