Random Factoid #517

27 12 2010

In Random Factoid #464, I talked about an article that quoted James Cameron as saying that we are 8-10 years away from glasses-free 3D.  Today, I bring good news that we could be even closer.

Apple has reportedly patented glasses-free 3D technology that “will actually only produce ‘pseudo-holographic’ images, but according to the company’s newly granted patent for the technology, those images will be ‘virtually indistinguishable from viewing a true hologram.'”  So, in other words, it’s a new dimension in computers that will make the iPod and iPad’s cultural impact look like absolutely nothing.

The obvious first impact will come from Apple’s programs, like maps, weather, and all the stuff you can’t delete from your iPhone.  Then, the app developers will go wild with it.  Soon enough, filmmakers will rush to make the first holographic movie, a race that will probably be filled with James Cameron wannabes.

So, did we just hear the first shot of a revolution?  Or is this just another cool Apple innovation?

Random Factoid #91

27 10 2009

A few months ago, Apple introduced the Top Sites function of Safari.  This feature allows you to put up to 16 (I choose to do only 12, though) of your favorite sites on an easily accessible page.  Included in my 9 are Box Office Mojo (a site about the revenue of movies), Awards Daily and In Contention (my two favorite Oscar blogs), the IMDb (Holy Grail for movie lovers), Entertainment Weekly, the link to my AMC Moviewatcher Homepage, and a link to my own blog.  That is a whopping 8 out of 12, or 67% of my Top Sites dedicated to movies.

Random Factoid #85

21 10 2009

It’s another rant today, so enjoy/run for cover (circle ONE):

I want to throw my computer off the roof.  Why is it that I, the self-proclaimed “blogger” about MOVIES, gets the computer that consistently has problems with the DVD player?  I tried to watch “The International” the other day, but because the disc had the slightest scratch, Apple’s DVD player program decided to play God and skip to a spot where it wasn’t damaged.  This spot is usually 30 minutes later, and I have no idea what is going on in the movie.  Doesn’t it understand that I would rather watch a movie with a slight imperfection than watch a movie that I have no idea what is happening in the plot?  For those wondering, I ended up finishing “The International” on a portable DVD player.

Random Factoid #20 / An Experiment

17 08 2009

A major plus about the WordPress platform is the ability to see how people got to your blog.  I am often amused by the searches that send people my way, and I check it multiple times each day.  For instance, someone searched “Pee in Sink” and ended up here last week.  So, to see what people really search for on blogs, I am going to be tagging this post with some very random things that have nothing to do with what I am saying.

My inspiration for this is Judd Apatow for writing Leo Koenig in “Funny People.”  Leo records a YouTube video with him playing with cats because anything with “Cute Cuddly Kittens” in the title gets millions of views.  He attaches it to his account, and he postulates that people will click on his profile and check out his comedy clips.  It was one of the funniest parts of the movie, and thankfully they posted it on YouTube.

I’ll post the results of what got me the most searches in a week or so.  What’s your vote for the tag that will get me the most hits?  Comment, please!