Random Factoid #538

17 01 2011

8 for 10 on my Golden Globes predictions, not too shabby!  (Darned Mila Kunis and Jake Gyllenhaal for blowing my perfect 10.)

It was a nice night (as is any with Natalie Portman at the podium), but a lot of people had issues with Ricky Gervais.  For what it’s worth, I thought he did a great job – no more offensive than last year.  He took shots at people who needed to be proven vulnerable, like the HFPA, Charlie Sheen, the lauded cast of “Sex and the City,” and “The Tourist.”

Except for perhaps his introductions of Tim Allen and Robert Downey Jr., every joke was in fairly good taste.  They weren’t just potshots; they made you think about why we care so much about certain institutions and celebrities.  It’s at this point in the factoid where I’ll refer you to “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work,” a documentary about the fantastic comedienne that makes many profound observations about the nature of good comedy.

I’m not expecting something as crude from Franco and Hathaway in a month, but I’m hoping for at least as good of a show.



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