“The Ghost Writer” Poll Results

18 01 2011

The Ghost Writer” wasn’t expected to make much of a dent this awards season, and for the most part, it didn’t.  Polanski’s latest got some attention in Europe among independently minded awards ceremonies, but stateside, it only received a USC Scripter nomination for its screenplay.  It stands a chance of squeezing in that category, but a big name like “True Grit” or “Winter’s Bone” would probably have to fall out for it to get in.

Most people are saying that 11 films are vying for 10 spots in Best Picture, and I can’t argue with that.  But what about dark horses?  No one really thought “The Blind Side” was in legitimate contention last year, did they?  I think that as far as surprise nominees go, “The Ghost Writer” would probably be among the least shocking.

But given all the controversy involving Roman Polanski this year, it’s still a tough selection bound to kick up some unfortunate rhetoric.  I wrote this back in November:

“It has the name of high-prestige director on its masthead who has been rewarded by the Academy in the past decade (2002 for “The Pianist”).  It has critical support; both movies received identical BFCA scores of 81.  It is an audience-pleasing thriller that keeps you closely tied into the action until the conclusion.

But unlike “Shutter Island,” there is an aura of controversy surrounding “The Ghost Writer.”  Timed almost simultaneously with the movie’s stateside release was Roman Polanski’s arrest overseas for the statutory rape he fled the United States for decades ago.  The director instantly became a topic of heated conversation.  Should he face justice, or be pardoned after all these years?  No matter what you think, the debate put Polanski into a very present mainstream consciousness.”

Most people, when I polled, indicated that they think Polanski is ultimately too controversial a figure to receive a nomination.  60% said they did not expect the movie to be nominated, while 40% said they thought it would make the cut.  It would probably be in my #13 or #14 in the standings for Best Picture if I ranked that low – not entirely out of the question, but not incredibly likely.



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