22 01 2011

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again for good measure: I absolutely DREAD writing reviews for middle-of-the-road movies like “Devil.”  I didn’t hate it, so there’s no reason to rip it to shreds – and besides, I think M. Night Shyamalan took enough of a beating in 2010 with “The Last Airbender.”  But at the same time, I didn’t really like it either, so there’s no aspect of the movie I can praise – not the acting, writing, directing, or production values.  In essence, there’s nothing to talk about!

Yet being a movie reviewer, and you being a reader willing to go this far into a review, I’m obligated to give you at least three paragraphs about the movie.  So what is there to write now?  I could talk about the plot, which is stale and laughable but at least gets in and out in roughly 75 minutes.  5 people trapped in an elevator, 1 is probably the devil.  Who could it be?  You’ll find out if you watch the movie, but don’t expect any sort of terror, horror, or suspense in getting there.

The claustrophobia of being stuck in an elevator isn’t exactly present as the movie frequently cuts back to the control room, where a skeptic and religious fanatic debate the events going on with a battered police officer (Chris Messina).  It’s packed with enough corny horror entertainment to keep you awake, but not enough to really keep you engaged.  In other words, don’t plan a movie night around “Devil.”  Plan to fold the laundry or do an hour of Facebooking.  C+



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