“Rabbit Hole” Poll Results

22 01 2011

I loved “Rabbit Hole.”  I gave it A- back in November and ranked it #9 on my 10 best of 2010.  In defense of the movie, I wrote:

“Grief is either overdone or understated.  In ‘Rabbit Hole,’ it’s presented in a manner so raw that it manages to be both at the same time, making for one of the most moving experiences of the year.  A story about a husband and wife, played to brilliance by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, grieving their lost child, the movie shows many ways to cope.  Kidman’s Becca wants to move on, Eckhart’s Howie wants to live with it, and in the middle of it all is Becca’s mother, played by Dianne Weist, offering her advice on how to get to the peaceful state in which she resides.  There’s no answer to the question of who handles it best or which way is best; in fact, there’s not even an attempt to answer it.  But there’s something beautiful about an unanswered question, and maybe that’s why the grace of ‘Rabbit Hole’ has stuck with me for so long.”

So I’m a little upset that it has flown under the radar all season with the exception of Nicole Kidman’s moving work.  Aaron Eckhart and Dianne Weist both turned in astounding, Oscar-worthy performances as well.  The movie itself deserves to pop up in the expanded Oscar Best Picture field.

But alas, my hope is in likely in vain.  Despite the one voter in the poll who said it would be nominated for Best Picture back in October on my Oscar Moment about the movie, it just doesn’t look likely.  Anything is possible, I suppose, but this would make “The Blind Side” look like an expected nomination.



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