Random Factoid #550

29 01 2011

I’m freakishly addicted to Netflix now thanks to their incredible selection of movies available through instant streaming.  Thanks to some very nice technology, I can watch them while I work out on a TV in front of my exercise machine.  Needless to say, their iPhone app has been a godsend.

And to think I was so against it this time last year…

Anyways, back at the beginning of this month, it was reported through many blogs (such as Cinematical) that Netflix was going to have a button added to new remote controls for Blu-Ray players and such.  All I have to say is BRING IT ON!!!  As much as a stake that Netflix has in the business, I don’t mind its ominpresence.

Economists, however, might have something to say about its monopolistic tendencies.  But that’s something for them to sort out.



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