Random Factoid #551

30 01 2011

I didn’t get to watch the SAG awards live, but I came home to my parents watching a replay.  I asked instantly if “The King’s Speech” took Best Ensemble, to which they replied yes.  As much as I like the movie, I don’t think it deserved the honor, so I blurted out a four-letter expletive that begins with the letter s.

I retreated into my room where I did some homework in a rather surly mood.  Everything had been going just fine before that – I got to meet country star Pat Green at my church and listen to him sing from a proximity of only a few feet!  And it wasn’t the homework either.  I came to the realization that it was the freaking SAG Awards that put me in such a foul state.

I then slowly removed myself from the mood by reminding myself that it’s just a game; the awards season only vindicates our opinion, it doesn’t make them.  While it helps to write history, it doesn’t write anyone’s mind nowadays.  Or at least anyone with a mind of their own.

I remember being in a pretty gross state after 2008’s “Slumdog Millionaire” sweep, which came at the expense of plenty of movies which I liked much more at the time.  It’s kind of pathetic, and it’s a New Year’s Resolution for 2012 that I’m making 11 months early – not to let something as silly as an awards show dictate my mood.



2 responses

2 02 2011

Yeah, but…shit, did the SAG guys even know The Social Network was nominated?

4 02 2011

This season I couldn’t care less (probably because I made such a big deal about ‘Slumdog’ last year). Either film winning won’t make me feel anything, however, if Firth gets screwed then I’ll be angry.

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