Random Factoid #283

7 05 2010

PopEater brought up an interesting point: the marketing campaign for “Iron Man 2” has been almost ubiquitous.  Really, Paramount has spent a whopping $100 million marketing a movie that every American is going to see anyways.  (And for the record, my prediction is that it will NOT beat the opening weekend record held by “The Dark Knight.”)

Nonetheless, it looks really cool to put that metallic mask on a Dr. Pepper can.  And who can resist a Whiplash Whopper?  (The answer: anyone who wants to spare a thousand calories from their daily diet.)

But it’s not designed to target the teenage blogger who rejects being bought out by Hollywood executives looking for a quick buck (see: my stance on 3D conversion).  It’s designed for the not-so-consumer-savvy among us.

Mainly, children.  I know this because I was particularly vulnerable as a child to movie promotion pushes.  Whenever a new Disney movie came out, I would go to McDonald’s several times that month just to get the Happy Meal toys.

I also bought plenty of toys and stuffed animals.  I was part of a target demographic they hit the bullseye with me.