Random Factoid #15

12 08 2009

When you buy tickets from the automatic ticket machine at my favorite movie theater (see Random Factoid #3), the tickets are not the same height as the ones in my ticket collection.  The ones I prefer look like this:

The taller ones look like this:

When I went to see “The Hangover” back in June, Edwards refused to let my 17-year-old friend buy me a ticket to the movie because it was rated R.  I then marched over to the automated ticket booth and bought my own, battling my hatred for the tall tickets.  When it printed, I made my friend switch with me because her ticket would fit better in my ticket collection.

Random Factoid #3

31 07 2009

My theater of choice is the Edwards Greenway Grand Palace 24 in Houston, Texas. It opened in 1999, and I frequent it because it is close to my house and it is always clean. The theater is now owned by the Regal Entertainment Group, which thankfully offers a rewards program for frequent guests called the Regal Crown Club. Points are awarded for each dollar spent on tickets and concessions, with occasional bonuses thrown in every once in a while. My family got the card in late 2004, and as of this posting, we have accumulated 2,156 points. And I have only been to the theater a handful of times in the past year.

P.S. – I just discovered that you can only earn 15 points in a day.  I discoverd this on my points statement today after shelling out $42 for the family to see “G-Force.”