Random Factoid #177

21 01 2010

Almost two years ago when I went to see “Prince Caspian” with a friend of mine on the last day of school, the lady at the box office gave me some sort of paper coupon for concessions that had been roughly cut with scissors.  Rather than throw it away instantly, I kept in my pocket.

Sometime during the movie, I was reminded that the coupon was still there.  I fidgeted with it in my pocket, and I then did something kind of strange.  I decided to slip it in a hole underneath my seat.

Weird?  Yeah, I think it is.  But I can’t help but wondering if it is still there…theater 7 at Edwards Greenway Grand Palace 24.

Random Factoid #174

18 01 2010

They teach you a lot of things in driver’s ed, but they don’t teach you how to work a parking garage.  More than a month after receiving my license, my mom taught me parking garage decorum in the Edwards Greenway Palace 24 garage.

Why pay $3 to do it?  Because I was learning an hour before I was slated to attend a movie there.

Random Factoid #173

17 01 2010

I complain a lot about AMC Studio 30 and all the frenzied moviegoing experiences I have there.  But, I have yet to tell you why it is that I continue to go there.

AMC Studio 30 offers a parking lot, not a parking garage.  I can park for free.  The cheapskate in me usually wins now when it comes to picking movies because my favorite and much more convenient theater, Edwards Greenway Palace 24, charges an exorbitant $3 to park.

Random Factoid #59

25 09 2009

One thing to know about me going into this story: when I was young, I was very gullible.  Some would say I probably still am.

In the third grade, a younger girl told me that at the Edwards Greenway 24 movie theater by my house, they gave away free movie posters at the concession stand.  I was so convinced that I began asking my classmates who would like a poster for “Max Keeble’s Big Move,” the movie I would see on Friday.  I ended up promising about 3 people that I would get them one.  When I got to the theater, I asked the lady at the concession stand for 4 posters.  She gave me a funny look and then proceeded to tell me that they didn’t give away posters at the concession stand.  I was so disappointed.

Random Factoid #3

31 07 2009

My theater of choice is the Edwards Greenway Grand Palace 24 in Houston, Texas. It opened in 1999, and I frequent it because it is close to my house and it is always clean. The theater is now owned by the Regal Entertainment Group, which thankfully offers a rewards program for frequent guests called the Regal Crown Club. Points are awarded for each dollar spent on tickets and concessions, with occasional bonuses thrown in every once in a while. My family got the card in late 2004, and as of this posting, we have accumulated 2,156 points. And I have only been to the theater a handful of times in the past year.

P.S. – I just discovered that you can only earn 15 points in a day.  I discoverd this on my points statement today after shelling out $42 for the family to see “G-Force.”