Shameless Advertisement #23 – February 2011

1 02 2011

It’s February – which means that it’s the last month where we have to live in 2010!  With the Oscars getting underway in 26 short days (eek), the theater near you is beginning to chunk the films for “Black Swan” in favor of “The Roommate.”  Nothing quite like the quality cycle of moviewatching, is there?

But what February release earns the shameless plug as voted on by my readers?  There was a horse race between “Sanctum” and “Cedar Rapids” with one vote each, and I’ll break the tie by ruling in favor of the Ed Helms comedy (which doesn’t open until MARCH where I live – grrrrr Fox Searchlight).  Here’s what I wrote about the movie in my February preview post:

“On the indie side of things, ‘Cedar Rapids’ sure looks promising.  A fish-out-of-water comedy involving Ed Helms’ small-town boy getting into trouble in the booming metropolis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the movie seems like a perfect foil for Sandler’s comedy.  With John C. Reilly, Sigourney Weaver, and Rob Corddry on board, I’m really looking forward to this.”

So that’s that.  Enjoy “Cedar Rapids” when it comes to a theater near you!

As for other things you can expect on “Marshall and the Movies” in this incredibly abbreviated month, here’s a quick rundown.

The Oscars. Well, duh.  Live blog?  For sure!  More “Know Your Nominees?!”  You bet – every three days!  Editorial pieces about the race itself?  If all goes well, then yes!  I hope to provide fun and enlightenment on this exciting season for all my readers!

F.I.L.M. features Oscar nominees. The Friday column “F.I.L.M. (First-Class, Independent Little-Known Movie) of the Week” will continue through February with past underrated or under-seen gems from the Oscar class of 2010.  See these stars before they could affix “Oscar nominee” before their names (or maybe after for certain overachievers).

Rom-Com to Oscar Gold, Part 2! It’s actually coming … nearly three months later.  I promise.

Reviews, reviews, reviews. Nothing changes.

I’m looking forward to a great February with you all!

Shameless Advertisement #9 – February

1 02 2010

For better or for worse, February is here.  It’s now out with 2009 and in with 2010 (save “Avatar” and a few big Oscar movies).

It’s not a particularly dense month for releases.  Whenever I was making my February preview post, I noticed that it took significantly less time to write.

Yet the readers have spoken up and still found something they want to see.  One person voted for “A Prophet,” a finalist for the  Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.  Another voted for “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” which wins my vote for the most verbose title of the year.

But by the widest margin ever, the most anticipated movie of February 2010 is…

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What To Look Forward To in … February 2010

7 01 2010

We’re still in some hazy territory in the month of February, but the new decade looks to give this month some much needed energy.  Fueled by two movies originally scheduled for release in 2009, I might actually drop a good amount of change at the movies in February (not just on repeat viewings of Oscar nominees).

February 5

Put “The Notebook” in front of anything and you are guaranteed a flock of screaming girls coming with boyfriends in tow.  Put wildly popular model/actor Channing Tatum in the poster and you can add some more girls aside from the hopeless romantics.  “Dear John” has just that: a super sweet story from author Nicholas Sparks and girl eye candy Tatum.  Thankfully for the guys, the filmmakers cast Amanda Seyfried (“Jennifer’s Body”), who isn’t so bad on the eyes either.

I’m a little weary to endorse “From Paris with Love,” another John Travolta villain movie.  He’s only good at playing subtle ones (“Pulp Fiction”) with the exception of “Face/Off.”  2009’s “The Taking of Pelham 123” was a disaster mainly because of Travolta and his villainy established only by constantly dropping the F-bomb.  Potential redemption here?  I’ll need positive word of mouth before I watch Travolta go evil again.

February 12

“Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” is the name given to the film adaptation of Rick Riordan’s kids novel “The Lightning Thief.” Clearly Fox is setting up a franchise with the title, and they picked the right place to stake the claim. I read the book in seventh grade, and it is the real deal. I even got a chance to have lunch with the author, Riordan, who is one of the neatest people I have ever met. Whether they ruin it or not is yet to be known, but the movie is being helmed by Chris Columbus, the man who got the “Harry Potter” series flying. That has to count for something.

If Pierce Brosnan isn’t a big enough star to draw you to the aforementioned movie, you should find solace in “Valentine’s Day,” which features just about every romantic comedy actor ever. Literally, I can’t even list all of the stars of the movie here. The post would just be too darn big. Garry Marshall, director of “Pretty Woman” and “The Princess Diaries,” is in charge here, so I find some comfort in that. But if the movie flops, this will be a high-profile disappointment.

Sorry girls, the werewolf in “The Wolfman” is not played by Taylor Lautner. Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro metamorphasizes in Victorian England into the hairy beast when the moon is ripe.  This werewolf is not based on cheeky teen lit but on the 1941 horror classic.  And this adaptation is rated R for “bloody horror violence and gore.”  Get ready for some intense clawing.

A big winner at Cannes and a contender for the Best Foreign Film at this year’s Academy Awards, “A Prophet” is a foreign film that may be worth a look.

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