Random Factoid #122

27 11 2009

When I went through a big movie buying phase in eighth grade, I bought a few movies sight unseen because I wanted to have something new if I was ever in the mood for that kind of thing.  To quote Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” “Big mistake.  BIG.  Huge.”  Why did I spend $10 on “The Longest Yard?”

Random Factoid #46

12 09 2009

I have 25 movies in my iTunes library, and it takes up an obscene 30.5 gigabytes on my hard drive.  The sad thing is most of the movies really aren’t that great.  A lot of them I bought because I always wanted a movie on my computer that I had yet to see (this was before the dawn of iTunes movie rentals).  Thus, I have “The Longest Yard” on my iPod but not “American Beauty.”  I know it’s a problem; I’m working on it.