Random Factoid #72

8 10 2009

Let me preface by saying that I took the idea for today’s factoid from a post by EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum on her blog.  In the post, she debates the big screen experience.  Does the theater experience add anything to a movie like “Frost/Nixon” in theaters, which will be watched in almost complete silence?  Does the quality of a movie make it more watchable on the silver screen?

The post has inspired a feature (add one to a growing list which will be written as soon as I am finished with my show), but rather than debate here, I merely wish to state the facts.  The only movie I feel that I have to see in theaters is a musical.  They are clearly designed to emulate the full immersion of live theater, and watching a musical on a TV screen or a computer seems to be cheating the experience.  “Dreamgirls” would be a different movie to watch now if I hadn’t seen it on Christmas Day and given Jennifer Hudson a standing ovation.



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