Random Factoid #91

27 10 2009

A few months ago, Apple introduced the Top Sites function of Safari.  This feature allows you to put up to 16 (I choose to do only 12, though) of your favorite sites on an easily accessible page.  Included in my 9 are Box Office Mojo (a site about the revenue of movies), Awards Daily and In Contention (my two favorite Oscar blogs), the IMDb (Holy Grail for movie lovers), Entertainment Weekly, the link to my AMC Moviewatcher Homepage, and a link to my own blog.  That is a whopping 8 out of 12, or 67% of my Top Sites dedicated to movies.

Random Factoid #72

8 10 2009

Let me preface by saying that I took the idea for today’s factoid from a post by EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum on her blog.  In the post, she debates the big screen experience.  Does the theater experience add anything to a movie like “Frost/Nixon” in theaters, which will be watched in almost complete silence?  Does the quality of a movie make it more watchable on the silver screen?

The post has inspired a feature (add one to a growing list which will be written as soon as I am finished with my show), but rather than debate here, I merely wish to state the facts.  The only movie I feel that I have to see in theaters is a musical.  They are clearly designed to emulate the full immersion of live theater, and watching a musical on a TV screen or a computer seems to be cheating the experience.  “Dreamgirls” would be a different movie to watch now if I hadn’t seen it on Christmas Day and given Jennifer Hudson a standing ovation.