Random Factoid #327

20 06 2010

Well, it’s another one of those memes.  I do this much less begrudgingly than the first time I tried one (for those who don’t remember, I was greeted with a chorus of “diva” and disapproving comments).

First of all, I’m certainly honored to be doing this meme after being cited by not just one but two blogs.  And these are two FANTASTIC blogs.  If you haven’t checked these sites out, you need to do that now.  In fact, I’ll even include screenshots of their sites that will take you straight to these amazing blogs.

Kaiderman’s The List is a ridiculously funny and entertaining site, always offering up some sort of fresh and imaginative lists that spark my own creativity.  This is usually the first site I visit when I’m struggling for factoid material.

Ryan/Univarn’s A Life in Equinox is a site that I have just recently discovered thanks to the LAMMYs.  His site is a deserving Best Blog nominee, brimming with insightfulness and packed with lots of recurring features.  And if you don’t mind, I think I may have to model my upcoming “About Me” page after yours.

This is the nifty little patch I’m supposed to display in the post.  Some graphic designer did a pretty nice job here.

Univarn got to define versatile already, so I guess I’ll do my own variation.  I went and looked up all the times I have used the word versatile on “Marshall and the Movies.”  It appears I have used it only three times, and they all have one thing in common: Matt Damon.

In my review of “Invictus,” I wrote, “2009 has reminded us that Damon is one of the most versatile working actors, constantly working to improve his craft.”

In a preview of “Green Zone,” I wrote, “‘Green Zone’ reunites the versatile Matt Damon … with Paul Greengrass.”

In my review of “The Informant,” a movie starring Matt Damon, I wrote, “Soderbergh, ever the versatile filmmaker, takes a fairly conventional tale of corporate crime and satirizes the genre.”

So, Kaiderman and Univarn, if you are suggesting that I share some sort of mythical tie of versatility with Matt Damon, I sure hope you are right!

Much like I did for the last meme, I’m going to give the 7 facts about myself by linking to past random factoids.  Really, each random factoid is a fact about myself.  But this one is going to be slightly different that the last meme (which was Random Factoid #265, for all those wondering) in that I will be giving a slight description along with each link.

Oh, and I have two themes working.  The first is to show that I could possibly be a fraction as awesome as Matt Damon, and the second is a bit of a “Friends” motif in the presentation.

The One Where Marshall Whips Out An Amazing Memory (originally published as Random Factoid #35)

The One Where Marshall Impersonates Julia Child (originally published as Random Factoid #97)

The One Where Marshall Recognizes An Amazing Tune (originally published as Random Factoid #207)

The One Where Marshall Schools The Experts (originally published as Random Factoid #224)

The One Where Marshall Defeats 3D Headaches (originally published as Random Factoid #237)

The One Where Marshall Does Crossword Puzzles In Pen (originally published as Random Factoid #280)

The One Where Marshall Wins A Prize (originally published as Random Factoid #323)



5 responses

20 06 2010

Haha. Thanks pretty funny because Matt Damon wouldn’t be the first person that would come to mind when I think of that word, but in those contexts it surely fits.

Also like the use of the Friends motif “The One…” clever work on their part and yours for a laugh!

20 06 2010

I guess it was just his roles in 2009 – buff athlete and bumbling idiot, in addition to a serious actor and an action star in past years, that led me to associate him with that word.

21 06 2010

Versatile with his role selections very much so. He isn’t one of these actors though that is great with melting into them, or losing his Matt Damon qualities to get into them like Streep, Bridges or Cruz say.

It’s kinda the same problem that Brad Pitt runs into. He is versatile too, with his roles, but as far as him as an actor, not so much.

21 06 2010

I’d agree with Streep and Bridges, but as much as I love Penelope Cruz, I don’t think she does much to change herself for each different kind of role. The modern actor I’d say most belongs in that category is Leonardo DiCaprio.

That’s a very interesting point to bring up about Damon/Pitt; I’d never thought about it that way. Thanks for getting my mind racing!

20 06 2010

My parents wouldn’t let me see Hidalgo either… but I was 25 so I saw it anyway… haha.
Thanks for the kind words, Marshall. Be careful though… if I know a glowing review will be reciprocated, I may start sending you MEME’s daily! 🙂
Great job on the LAMBcast BTW!!!

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