Random Factoid #372

4 08 2010

Today’s 31BBBB (courtesy of Anomalous Material) assignment was to promote a blog post.  But rather than promote a blog post, I’m just going to promote my whole site.  I launched a Facebook fan page a week ago, and I was planning on plugging it with a giant post.  Unfortunately, I haven’t written that post yet, and I really can’t wait any longer to promote it.

So click on the link below to be taken to my Facebook page.  Become a fan and get updates as I deem them appropriate!  (I’m still working on setting up the mechanics of the thing, but be patient please because I’m working on it.)

And speaking of Facebook, please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t wait for “The Social Network” to come out?  I’m OBSESSED with the new trailer; I listen to the cover of “Creep” all the time now.



3 responses

5 08 2010

I didn’t have the slightest interest in seeing Social Network until the teaser trailers came out, now I’ll be first in line. I should have known better since it’s being directed by Fincher and written by Sorkin.

5 08 2010

I lamented the project when I heard Fincher was directing…it just seemed like such an odd choice coming of “Benjamin Button.” My mistake.

8 08 2010

The trailer definitely has caught my interest, but I never had any real serious doubts about it since it’s coming from Fincher.

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