F.I.L.M. of the Week (July 26, 2013)

26 07 2013

Some movies are truly once in a lifetime.  My pick for the “F.I.L.M. of the Week,” Kevin MacDonald’s singular documentary “Life in a Day,” is one such picture.  It’s a film that may actually be able to merit the term universal as it attempts to capture not one shared experience but all worldwide collective experiences using the incredible democratic medium of YouTube.  (And camera crews were dispatched to less wired-in areas of the globe, for those of you concerned about underrepresented viewpoints.)

The experiment was simple: MacDonald and producer Ridley Scott asked people to submit whatever was happening in their lives to YouTube on Saturday, July 24, 2010.  I remember the promotion of the film being all over the site and nearly filmed something myself.  But for whatever reason, I ultimately chose not to, probably out of shame or fear or uncertainty.

Thankfully, there were tons of people who did not share my reservations and were willing to let the world see a little bit of their life.  The worldwide collage that MacDonald assembles is nothing short of earth-shattering as it encompasses as close to the full range of human experience as possible in an hour and a half.  He includes the ordinary and the extraordinary, the highest peaks and the lowest valleys, the big events and the small miracles.

In this catchall of global life, we the audience are renewed by observing how we are all so alike yet also so unique and distinct  We see how the act of recording can ascribe some sort of significance to just any other day.  Yet the miracle of “Life in a Day” is the way it also convinces us that just the act of living itself is significant in and of itself, and we ought to be proud to live each and every day.  A whole world of emotions and experiences awaits us when we wake up; it’s up to us, however, to give them meaning.

Random Factoid #425

26 09 2010

Dear iTunes,

Please get the Scala and Kolacny Brothers cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” ASAP.  Listening to it on YouTube is no way to do it, especially when you are doing it on your iPhone while driving and picking up any WiFi networks stop the song.  Please put it up either on “The Social Network” soundtrack or with the album that it was originally released on.  Every day I see this, my heart breaks a little more.


P.S. – Speaking of “The Social Network,” thank you Trent Raznor for the five-track sampler.  It is truly heavenly.

Random Factoid #133

8 12 2009

I have only used YouTube to watch movies twice – and both of those were only to finish a movie.

I watched the end of “The Departed” at school because I couldn’t finish it on TiVo before I had to leave.

I watched the end of “The Graduate” because my computer destroyed the DVD (which belonged to the Houston Public Library) and rendered it unwatchable.