Random Factoid #557

5 02 2011

Grr.  The open door policy at AMC Theaters that has bothered me for so long has once again struck with a vengeance.

I first wrote about this problem back in 2009 after seeing “Bright Star” (that long ago), and I directed my anger at hearing Taylor Swift songs from the lobby while trying to watch the British costume drama into the blogosphere.  The problem has persisted, but perhaps never with such disastrous effects as it did yesterday.

I was “127 Hours” for the second time (because I love it), and the road to amputation was growing inevitable.  It was the last 15 minutes or so of the movie, and the tension was getting to the point that it could be cut with a knife.  All of a sudden, I start hearing noise that I know is not a part of Danny Boyle’s movie.  I perked up my ears and began to distinguish words coming from the lobby.  People were broadcasting their conversations into my theater!

I wasn’t going to go get up and close the door – heck, I don’t even know that it was open – because the movie was too good.  But I had to sit there and bear it for the rest of the movie.  Only until the music flared up to 11 was I able to drown out their disembodied voices.  So, once again, the whole sanctity of the moviegoing escapism experience was violated by the policy.  This has to stop.

Random Factoid #543

22 01 2011

Why do we bother to get to a movie that starts at 10:40 on time, rather than at 10:55 when the movie actually starts?  When it isn’t to assure ourselves of a good seat, it’s to kick back and watch the trailers for upcoming movies.  They tell us what we have to look forward to (or what to dread, cough “The Lincoln Lawyer”) and renew the circle of life that is moviegoing.

However, for some strange reason, AMC Theaters seems to stifle that chain when you go see a movie that hasn’t been released in the incredible recent past.  They never change the trailers from opening day, even if the movies have ALREADY OPENED!

It’s such a trite complaint, I know, but it really gets under my skin when I sit there and watch 15 minutes of previews for movies that I’ve already seen.  Just add it to my list of complaints about the theater chain between this, their ticket taker, their disgusting floors, their poor sound quality, their blaring hallway music, their constantly broken projectors,

Darn it for having cheaper tickets, free parking, easy accessibility, and good movie selection.

Random Factoid #199

12 02 2010

As I dug through my wallet this week, I discovered something about myself that I did not want to discover.

I am a wasteful person.

I found a free movie ticket to AMC Theaters that was over two months expired.  Just think of what I could have seen with that ticket.

Oh, and Random Factoid #2-0-0 coming tomorrow.  Get excited.

Random Factoid #159

3 01 2010

I have a new pet peeve of moviegoing, so naturally, I shall vent it here.

At the AMC theater which I attend, there has been a pandemic sweeping the halls.  No one closes the door to the theater!

This may not seem like a big deal, but when you hear the sounds of Taylor Swift and Reba MacEntire ever so softly while you revel in the beautiful silences of “Bright Star,” it is incredibly distracting.  I can now count the number of times I have gotten out of my seat in the middle of a movie (which I never do if I can help it) to shut the theater door so I can focus on the movie.

If anyone who has any say at AMC reads this, I am more than willing to have a face-to-face conversation about this.  We can do it by phone, too, if you wish.

Random Factoid #158

2 01 2010

A trite, yet startling moment at the box office this afternoon.

As I purchased my ticket at AMC Studio 30, something struck me.  AMC had changed the shape of their tickets completely!  My instant feeling was panic – will this fit in my collection?  Thankfully, it is the same height as most of my tickets.  Crisis averted.

Random Factoid #47

13 09 2009

I participate in the My Coke Rewards program only to get free movie tickets at AMC Theaters.  A ticket is 485 points, and it usually takes me a few months to get it (or rather, for my parents to down all that Diet Coke).  There are probably much cooler things out there, but they cost too much and I would use a free movie ticket more than anything else.

Random Factoid #38

4 09 2009

Often times, I plan to go see movies that I think might be bad early in the morning so I don’t give the filmmakers the extra money from an evening ticket.  I feel less guilty that way.  The only way I would take my brother to “G.I. Joe” was if we went before noon to take advantage of AMC’s $5 tickets.