10 for ’10 – Blogging Moments

22 12 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here.

2010 was my first full calendar year of blogging, and I sure have enjoyed every post of it.  However, there were those that I enjoyed a little bit more than the rest.  Here were my highlights of 2010 (in no particular order):


1,000+ comments and 20,000+ views

I find plenty of satisfaction in just the craft of writing; I don’t really need quantifiable markers of success to bring me happiness.  But I will admit, it sure is nice to look at my dashboard in the morning and see an extra digit in the comments/views.  These were both reached in July, and I’m happy to say that since then, this blog has logged a cumulative total of 1,740 comments and 34,500 views to date.  So thanks for visiting and commenting … don’t be afraid to do it some more!

(500) Random Factoids

I’ve been logging a factoid every day since day (1).  When I started to blog, I was in a pretty major “(500) Days of Summer” phase, so I decided then that I would have to watch the movie on my (500)th day of blogging.  So, needless to say, I was very happy to have my celebration (500) days in the making.

1,000 posts

Hard to believe I’ve been blogging so long that I’ve logged 1,000 posts.  Factoids help, but I had 489 “serious” posts too.  That’s a whole lot of keyboarding.


LAMB Casting Winner

… and twice, nonetheless!  Thanks to all the voters of the LAMB who think I could cut it as a casting director in Hollywood!  It sure made me beam to win – and then to pick the subsequent movie to be recast.


Nolan Marathon / Fincherfest

I got a little excited for the releases of “Inception” and “The Social Network” – so much so that I spent the entire week before revisiting and reviewing all the directors, Nolan and Fincher, respectively, and their past works.  The result was a renewed appreciation for their movies and an enhanced perspective when seeing their latest movies.  It worked so well that now I just have to plan ahead my weeks for 2011.

Marshall & Julie

The event that scared most of you all away because it looked like chapters of a book, largely because they were, was one of the most personally rewarding experiences for me this year.  Looking back on a year’s worth of blogging by reading “Julie & Julia,” the book that inspired the movie that inspired this blog, led to some pretty interesting insights.  If you have some time on your hands this holiday season, why not go revisit the series?

The Origins Project

The project that brought a little corner of the movie blogosphere together may rank among my proudest achievements this year.  I loved seeing the community come together to answer a few simple questions about what got us started blogging and what keeps us going.  Everyone gave such interesting and unique answers, and I was always fascinated by what I posted each day for a month.  It’s still worth a read – go seek out your favorite blogger in the project’s annals!

New Features

Save Yourself!

When it comes to stirring up good discussion, it’s hard to beat something that goes totally against popular opinion.  Writing a review that goes along with every point that all the critics make does little to engage readers.  The “Save Yourself” pieces I wrote this year got some of the best discussion on this site.  People either rallied behind my hatred, saying they felt oppressed in feeling the same way, or went crazy in defense of the movie they loved.  I didn’t care who thought what; I was just happy to have them comment!

Classics Corner

I sometimes doubted my own cinematic expertise, being so poorly versed in classic cinema.  So, with the establishment of the “Classics Corner” series, I renewed my commitment to being a better cinephile by requiring myself to watch at least one classic movie a month.  So far, I’ve seen some very interesting ones, and they’ve illuminated fascinating things about what I watch now.

A Facebook fan page!

I took a big step this year and created a Facebook fan page for my blog!  I’ve been experimenting with various ways to make it work, although I will admit that all these attempts have been pretty half-hearted.  The building blocks are there from 2010, but in 2011, I intend to build mountains.

Marshall & Julie: Day 14

10 08 2010

Sorry I’ve been a little delinquent in posting this – I know you’ve all been biting your nails in anticipation!

This may be the last big post in “The Marshall & Julie Project,” but it’s certainly not the end.  Whenever I feel the time is right, I’m going to publish a post reflecting on what the project has meant for me.  Don’t hold your breath for that post; I’ll know when the time is right to revisit and reflect.

But for the time being, enjoy the post.

Day 14: “Simplicity Itself” / “Creation Itself”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 13

9 08 2010

And now I welcome you to the penultimate day of “The Marshall & Julie Project.”  Are there any twist waiting below the cut?  Am I going to pull a Christopher Nolan on you?

No, sorry if that got your hopes up at all.  Not happening.

Day 13: “Only in America” / “Only in the Blogosphere”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 12

8 08 2010

It’s the penultimate entry There’s actually more entries left in “The Marshall & Julie Project” than I thought, yet we are still nearing the end.  Are you sad it’s going to be over?  (Even if you aren’t don’t tell me that.)

I hope you enjoy today’s entry because it was certainly one of my favorites to write.That would be coming tomorrow, but I still like today’s entry.

Day 12: “Time to Move to Weehawken” / “Time to Evacuate to Oklahoma”
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Marshall & Julie: Day 11

7 08 2010

Only three entries left in “The Marshall & Julie Project,” so give it a shot and catch the fad while it’s still going on.  I know it looks long, but prove everyone who says Americans have no attention spans wrong!

As always, comments appreciated.

Day 11: “Flaming Crepes!” / “Flaming Crap!”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 10

6 08 2010

We are starting to come to the close of “The Marshall & Julie Project,” which is strange because I feel like I’ve just started.  Anyways, let me know what you’ve enjoyed (or haven’t, if you feel so inclined).  I hope that you have learned as much about me from this project as I have learned about myself.

Day 10: “Sweet Smell of Failure” / “Sweet Smell of Penny-Pinching”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 9

5 08 2010

Thanks to those (two) of you who let me know you were reading.  I did an analysis of Julie Powell’s blog, “The Julie/Julia Project” over at Anomalous Material, and I sure would appreciate if you went to check that out.  I was trying to find a place to link to the quite lengthy comment, and this seemed like a good place.

You know, where Julie and I can be servantless American bloggers.

Day 9: “The Proof Is in the Plumbing” / “The Work Is in the Homework”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 8

4 08 2010

Again, let me know you’re out there!  A comment or a read is much appreciated … I put my heart and soul into this project, and I really think you should give it a chance.  Interest seems to have slowly weaned, which really breaks my heart.  Don’t make me shame you into reading … you can’t hear the teardrops hitting my keyboard.  KIDDING!

But really, you should read this series.

Day 8: “They Shoot Lobsters, Don’t They?” /  “They Read Blogs, Don’t They?”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 7

3 08 2010

I know these posts look really bulky, but I’d sure appreciate if you put biglongtextaphobia aside and read these posts.  I really did put a lot of hard work into them, and I really do think they hold something great for everyone.  Blogging friends, consider this to be my 13-day elaboration on the Origins Project questionnaire I sent out.

As for commenting, I’d be perfectly happy if you just wrote “I read this post.”  Just to let me know.

Day 7: “The Law of Diminishing Returns” / “The Law of Double Features”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 6

2 08 2010

You’re in for a real treat today.  “Marshall and the Movies” punctuality at its finest.  Seriously.

As always, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.  I know it looks long, but trust me when I say that it is full of humor and entertainment.  All sarcasm aside, for real!

Day 6: “Disaster/Dinner Party, Dinner Party/Disaster: A Study in Duality” / “Disaster/Movie, No Such Thing As a Movie/Disaster”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 5

1 08 2010

Another reminder (mainly so the “Marshall and Julie” graphic will fit nicely into the post): these posts are not in real time.  They were all written at a previous date.  So there.  Now, enjoy.

Day 5: “…To Make An Omelette” / “…To Maintain a Blog”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 4

31 07 2010

Another reminder (mainly so the “Marshall and Julie” graphic will fit nicely into the post): these posts are not in real time.  They were all written at a previous date.  So there.  Now, enjoy.

Day 4: “Hacking the Marrow Out of Life” / “Hacking the Marrow Out of Movies”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 3

30 07 2010

Another reminder (mainly so the “Marshall and Julie” graphic will fit nicely into the post): these posts are not in real time.  They were all written at a previous date.  So there.  Now, enjoy.

Day 3: “You Have To Break A Few Eggs…” / “You Have To Write a Few Posts…”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 2

29 07 2010

Just another brief explanatory note that I left out in the first post: I am not writing these posts in real-time.  That is, these posts were written quite some time ago; I am not writing them day by day.  I am finished with “Julie & Julia” the book and have finished writing all the posts.

So that might clear up some illusions that you might have.

Day 2: “Joy of Cooking” / “Joy of Moviegoing”

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Marshall & Julie: Day 1

28 07 2010

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen.  The main event.  “The Marshall & Julie Project.”

I’ll only give the series a brief introduction before I just let my words speak for themselves.  There are thirteen entries with a fourteenth, a reflective piece, to air at a later date to be determined.  I’ll run one entry per day for the next thirteen days.  Since they are fairly sizable posts, I’ll put all the text after the “see more” jump in the interest of not having a mile-long front page.  The “Marshall & Julie” graphic, which I reserve the right to change very soon, and the title will run before the jump, however.

So sit back, relax, and read.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy, too.

Day 1: “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Leeks and Potatoes” / “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Horror and Romantic Comedies”

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