Shameless Advertisement #11 – April

1 04 2010

Welcome to the first official month of spring AND the last month before summer movie season!

After the poll of what you were most looking forward to this month, there seemed to be a fair majority voting one way. Props to “Clash of the Titans,” “Date Night,” and “I Love You Philip Morris” for each collecting one vote.

But, you all clearly felt that the biggest attraction in April is …

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Shameless Advertisement #10 – March

1 03 2010

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for … it’s MAAAAAAARCH (as if Oprah were screaming it)!

The poll results yield four one-vote getters: “Green Zone,” “She’s Out Of My League,” “The Bounty Hunter,” and “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

However, with three votes, the most anticipated movie of March 2010 is…

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Shameless Advertisement #9 – February

1 02 2010

For better or for worse, February is here.  It’s now out with 2009 and in with 2010 (save “Avatar” and a few big Oscar movies).

It’s not a particularly dense month for releases.  Whenever I was making my February preview post, I noticed that it took significantly less time to write.

Yet the readers have spoken up and still found something they want to see.  One person voted for “A Prophet,” a finalist for the  Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.  Another voted for “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” which wins my vote for the most verbose title of the year.

But by the widest margin ever, the most anticipated movie of February 2010 is…

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Shameless Advertisement #8 – January

1 01 2010


It’s January.  I’m not crazy about any of the choices this month, so I will probably spend it catching up on 2009’s awards contenders and second viewings.

But that’s just me.  7 of you all found something you wanted to see.  “Leap Year” and “When In Rome” each got one vote, as did “The Spy Next Door.”  To whomever that person may be, I sincerely hope that was a joke.

The two movies that managed to garner multiple votes were both movies that I lambasted in my preview.  So how did I choose?  As some author once said, “When you have to choose between two evils, choose the one that you’ve never tried.”  This philosophy is to the dismay of “Youth in Revolt,” which looks about as “been there, done that” as Michael Cera.

So, the winner of January’s shameless (or shameful) advertisement is…

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Random Factoid #152 / Shameless Advertisement #7

27 12 2009

I usually don’t eat popcorn unless I am at the movies.  I feel like eating it at home makes it feel a little less special when I munch on it at the theater.

When I do eat at home, I usually don’t have a preference of brand.  My mom buys Pop Secret, and I taste very little to distinguish it from any other brand of popcorn.

However, after seeing this commercial tonight, they are officially my favorite brand forever.

Random Factoid #131 / Shameless Advertisement #6

6 12 2009

Congratulations to Beth Rowley and her song “You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” for taking over the long-held #1 most played song on my iTunes from Alexandre Desplat’s “Postcards.”

It should come to no one’s surprise that this track came from a soundtrack.  I first heard the song in the trailer for the movie “An Education,” and the soothing voice of Beth Rowley immediately struck me.  I had to hear more, so I bought the whole song off iTunes.  Then, as I started listening to it on repeat, I became curious to know more about Rowley.  After hearing a few of her songs, I bought her whole debut album, “Little Dreamer,” which is truly amazing.  She has a voice similar to Norah Jones but much more angelic.

So I decided to use this factoid to shamelessly advertise Beth Rowley.  I implore you to listen to some of her songs that I have embedded here from YouTube – my two personal favorites from the album – and instantly fall in love with this up-and-coming artist.

Shameless Advertisement #5 – December

1 12 2009

Well, December is finally here!  Bring on the Oscar movies … and plenty of other fun movies!

There was another pretty good turnout for this poll.  In a tie for second place were “The Princess and the Frog,” “Avatar,” “It’s Complicated,” and “Invictus.”  Unfortunately, the runners-up get nothing except a link to their trailers.

There was also a tie for first place.  Rather than prominently feature “Up in the Air” for the third time, I decided to spread the wealth. So the winner, and the readers’ of “Marshall and the Movies” most anticipated movie of December 2009 is…

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Shameless Advertisement #4 – November

1 11 2009

The readers of “Marshall and the Movies” have come out in record number to tell me what movie the readership is most anticipating in November!  Give yourself a pat on the back for that.

There was a 6 way-tie for second place, ranging from indies such as “That Evening Sun,” “Precious,” and “The Road,” to mainstream fare such as “The Box,” “A Christmas Carol,” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

But, by an overwhelming margin, the movie that is most anticipated in November is…

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Shameless Advertisement #3 – October

1 10 2009

Thanks to all 6 people who voted in the poll (half of which only came with prodding).  Just in case anyone has missed the explanation, at the end of my monthly preview post, I ask readers to pick the movie that they are most excited to see from that month.  The winner of this poll is shamelessly plugged on the site.

We have a clear winner this time.  Each receiving 1 vote were “The Invention of Lying,” “New York, I Love You,” and “Zombieland.”

The shameless (if it is later shameful, I’m going to be angry) advertisement of the month of October is…

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Shameless Advertisement #2 – September

1 09 2009

Today is September 1st, a date that marks the start of the fall movie season (at least in my mind).  I have posted half of my fall movie preview and I have also asked my readers to answer the poll for their most anticipated movie in that month.  I just decided that the movie that wins this poll wins a “Shameless Advertisement” on the first day of the month.  NOTE: If I don’t want to see the movie, I have no qualms in calling it a “shameful advertisement.”

In September, 6 readers took the poll.  I have a positive statistic to report for once.  86% of readers who looked at the post took the poll.  Thanks, readers for giving me hope that you do listen, and that I’m not just a lost lumberjack crying the wilderness when I ask you to share your opinions!

No movie won a clear majority of the votes, and I have decided my tiebreaker to be the movie that I want to see the most.  But, in the interest of fairness, I will post a link to the trailers for the other two “winners”: “Jennifer’s Body” and “Fame.”

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Random Factoid #9/Shameless Advertisement #1

6 08 2009

The length of a movie should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.

– Alfred Hitchcock


I hate going to the bathroom during movies.  If you read Random Factoid #7 about how I hate watching movies when they aren’t exactly from the beginning, then you might have seen this coming.  Part of the problem is the giant cups at movie theaters.  The small is enough to burst the bladders of a family of four.


I honestly have no idea how I stumbled across this site.  But is a site that tells you exactly when you should go the bathroom during a movie.  It tells you the exact time in the movie, what you will be missing, and how long you have in the john.  There is even an iPhone app for this, so it really comes in handy when you are in theater.  If only I knew about this site when I went to see “King Kong”…